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Side event during the UN Forum: “We must educate for citizenship and democracy”

During the event organized by CLADE, the challenges of education in Latin America and the Caribbean were addressed, in a context of setbacks for human rights and multilateralism, as well as of fragility of democracies.

Review of SDG 4: “Quality education must be centered on people and their dignity”

In the review of SDG 4 in the United Nations, the GCE vice president, Madeleine Zúñiga, highlighted that a lifelong transformative education must consider diversity and have solid teacher training and adequate funding.

Brazil: In a message to the UN, the National Campaign expresses concern about the rights of children and youth

In response to a call by the United Nations for civil society to share the state of children’s rights and sustainable development in their contexts, the Campaign sent information on the country’s current regressive scenario

Guadalupe Ramos Ponce: An interview about libertarian education, the right to their bodies and the fight against gender violence

Guadalupe Ramos Ponce, lawyer, feminist and coordinator of CLADEM in Jalisco, deals with issues such as: education, gender equity and equality, gender violence and the conservative advance that has resulted in setbacks for the rights of women.

CLADE held the second edition of the audiovisual festival “Lights, camera and education!” in San José, Costa Rica

Within the debates of the festival, the role of art was highlighted, as well as the importance of setting up spaces for dialogue and awareness-raising to guarantee equality and the promotion of human rights for all people

Central American and the Caribbean Meeting on Gender Equality, Violence and Education outlines recommendations and strategies towards social transformation

The Final Declaration of the event presents the main challenges for the confrontation of gender-based violence and discrimination at the regional level