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About us

The Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE, by its Spanish acronym) is a plural network of civil society organizations, present in 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It promotes social mobilization and advocacy actions in defense of the human right to transformative, public, secular and free education for all, throughout life and as a State’s responsibility.


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To defend the human right to a transformative, public, secular and free education for all, throughout life and as a responsibility of the State. An education that meets the standards of availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability, acknowledging diversity, promoting citizenship and the realization of human rights, as well as eliminating all forms of discrimination.

The strategies used by CLADE to accomplish its mission and fulfill its political agenda are: public policy advocacy; social mobilization; political and legal enforceability; interinstitutional coordination with international and regional stakeholders and national forums; knowledge production and research; internal and external communication actions.


To contribute to the realization of the human right to education and strengthen networks and civil society organizations working at national and regional level for the transformation of education policies, in particular, to make States accountable for:

- The realization of education as a fundamental human right and a public good guaranteed by States, rather than a commodity;

- The universalization, free provision and mandatory nature of the right to education, without any kind of discrimination;

- The promotion of education policies that reflect a broader definition of lifelong learning and education, from a comprehensive approach that coordinates all education levels and methods without overlooking the diversity and flexibility of curriculum proposals;

- Making efforts to include youth and adult education, including literacy processes, as one of the priorities of national agendas, with an intersectoral approach;

- Guaranteeing adequate and secure financing for education, as well as social oversight of the budget cycle from conception to execution;

- Ensuring that public policies are mainly based on a perspective of equality and nondiscrimination.

- Guaranteeing dignity and appreciation of teachers and other education professionals, ensuring decent salaries, career prospects, training, working conditions that meet the challenge and the responsibility of the position.

- Guaranteeing broader civil society participation in debate and decision-making processes within legal and political frameworks of education, strengthening participatory democracy;

- Actions with a view to turn peace education into a process designed to consolidate forms of coexistence and nonviolent resolution of conflicts.

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CLADE’s principles are:

- The assertion of thepublic responsibility of the State and the exercise of human rights;

- Education as a key human right for the realization of the rest of the rights;

- Democratization and efficiency of the public education system;

- Quality of learning and teaching processes from a human rights-based perspective;

- Standing for plural and collective action of members of the education communities and civil society in the efforts to realize the right to public and free education for all.

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Strategic Plan 2023-2026

This Strategic Plan 2023-2026 is the result of collaborative work, agreed with the organisations that are part of CLADE’s membership; it also has the valuable contributions of partners, allies and collaborators. It reflects the voices, assessments, proposals and suggestions of those who, from different places, have been part of the construction of CLADE’s path in the struggle for the defence of the human right to education.

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Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The document is the result of three processes of collective reflection, carried out by the CLADE network between August 2018 and August 2019 and presents the Four-Year Strategic Plan of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) for the period 2019- 2022.

This Strategic Plan is deployed in Operational Plans, which detail the programming of
CLADE's annual activities and priorities, that are built and approved each year
by its Steering Committee.

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Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This document sets forth the guiding principles of the advocacy actions promoted by CLADE for the 2015-2018 period, as well as strategic focus areas and goals, expected results, and main activities and indicators to measure the intended changes.

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