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SDG 4 Review of Chile and Guatemala at the UN

CLADE members in those countries participated in the review process, posing questions and presenting reports on the status of the right to education at national level

Chile’s “Safe Class Law”: Violence in public schools and the “regulation” of school life

In 2008 UNICEF published the study “School life, an indispensable component of the right to education”, inquiring about internal regulations in educational establishments in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile. The results are surprising, for example, they showed that more than 50% of the regulations did not comply with the legal order in effect, that … Continued

Consultoría para Evaluación Externa sobre la implementación del Plan Estratégico 2015-2018 de la CLADE

En fines del 2014, por medio de un proceso colectivo y participativo, los miembros de la CLADE, con el apoyo de un consultor externo, llevaron a cabo su primer esfuerzo para desarrollar un Plan Estratégico de mediano plazo, que pudiese orientar el accionar de la red en el periodo 2015-2018. Hasta entonces, las planificaciones de … Continued

COVID-19: Guides on the education and protection of children and adolescents

At this time of crisis, the National Campaign for the Right to Education (CNDE), a member of CLADE in Brazil, in alliance with the Cada Criança platform, has made available two guides aimed at families, schools, local social security agents and authorities so that they can guarantee the protection and education of children and adolescents.

Inspired by his experience of CLADE’s initiative, young man starts campaign in Bolivia

Interviewed by CLADE, Bolivian young man Gabriel Villarpando explains the campaign #Mochila2.0 [#Backpack 2.0] and comments on the importance of adolescents and youth voices debating the right to education

Brazil: Students, teachers unions and civil society lead the struggle for the right to education

Even under the threat of use of Armed Forces, Brazilian students, teachers unions and civil society raise their voices against censorship and the precariousness of the right to education

Youth from Latin America and the Caribbean transforming education

In the occasion of the International Day of Youth, find out some actions CLADE’s national member forums are engaged with today, urging for the guaranttee of the right to education and participation of youths in their countries

Side event during the UN Forum: “We must educate for citizenship and democracy”

During the event organized by CLADE, the challenges of education in Latin America and the Caribbean were addressed, in a context of setbacks for human rights and multilateralism, as well as of fragility of democracies.

Brazil: In a message to the UN, the National Campaign expresses concern about the rights of children and youth

In response to a call by the United Nations for civil society to share the state of children’s rights and sustainable development in their contexts, the Campaign sent information on the country’s current regressive scenario