Día de Acción Regional por la Educación

In the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, celebrated on November 20, we invite all to celebrate a Regional Action Day for Education.

This time in the political agenda is especially relevant, considering that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) called the signatory States of the Convention to present renewed promises and clear commitments to the accomplishment of this treaty, setting the deadline on November 20. In our region, ultil now only Chile and Ecuador responded. UNICEF also called the States for the same reason.

In this context, on November 20 and beyond, we would like to invite you to join the following lines of action:

Messages to and conversations with authorities

Sending messages and letters to your government or talking to authorities in your country, urging them to respond to CRC and UNICEF’s calls. These communications may highlight demands and recommendations on education and other rights determined by the Convention (in the cases of Chile and Ecuador it would be important to check on what was presented and advocate for it, especially confronting the commitments made by governments to reality);

Tweeting for the right to education

Join us on November 20 for a 11am, 4pm and 9pm (GMT-3) Twitter mobilization for the right to education: use the tag #TheEducationWeNeed to share messages on the right to education at one of these hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; label CLADE (@redclade on Facebook and Twitter; @red.clade on Instagram)..

>> Click here to download our pack of tweet samples.

>> Memes folder.

Virtual conversation

Mira este diálogo virtual, que fue transmitido por el canal de Youtube de la CLADE. Con la presencia de autoridades y activistas de América Latina y el Caribe, se discutieron los desafíos y propuestas para la garantía del derecho humano a la educación y al cuidado en la primera infancia en la región.

Participate in #TheEducationWeNeed for te World we Want

This initiative has the purpose of gathering the voices and proposals from adolescents and young people in the region, on how education for a better world should be. You can provide support by disseminating the initiative among students’ and youth collectives with which you have contact, so they can join; it is also possible to promote conversation roundtables with students, adolescents and youths, collecting and disseminating their opinion or inviting them to make it themselves, through the elaboration and dissemination of photos, videos and other formats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, always using the tag #LaEducaciónQueNecesitamos and labeling CLADE.

Here you will find some instructions to help you to develop this activity among youth and student groups in education centers, public schools, cultural centers and popular education centers, among other places.

Supporting materials:

>> Internet banner showing the visual identity of the campaign;

>> Facebook image;

>> Youtube image;

>> Twitter image;

>> Instagram post #1;

>> Instagram post #2;

>> Instagram story

Check out
this virtual conversation on CLADE’s Youtube channel. With the presence of authorities and activists from Latin America and the Caribbean, it approached challenges and proposals for guarantteing the human right to early childhood education and care in the region.

The event celebrated the launching of the campaign termed “Rights from the start: early childhood education and care”.

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