Photo: Manuel Chavez

Public and free education

Aiming to strengthen public and free education as well as to secure its financing, CLADE has promoted debates, researches and the monitoring of public funding in different countries in the region, opposing privatization trends of and in education systems, commodification of education and scarce public funding, as well as advocating for an increased, better and more transparent budget for education in the region.

CLADE provides the System of Monitoring Financing for the Human Right to Education in Latin America and the Caribbeanto facilitate citizens’ demand for State’s long-standing and adequate investment on public education. The platform presents comparative data and analysis on financing for public education in 20 countries of the region. The information gathered can be used as reference material for each country individually or comparatively, at regional level. Likewise, the information is organized around three dimensions of analysis: public financing efforts, availability of resources by school-going age child and equitable school access.

The platform was launched within the framework of the regional mobilization "Fund What is Fair! For Public and Free Education For All", promoted by CLADE at national and regional levels, with the purpose of raising awareness among members of the education community and society in general, as well as exerting pressure on public authorities about the need for more solid financing for public education systems, to secure free education and a more fair and equitable tax and fiscal system that supports and sustains financing for the human right to education.

Opposing privatization

CLADE has a special section called Contracorriente [Countercurrrent] with the purpose of monitoring and countering privatization and for-profit trends in the region. This section gathers news, analyses, studies and the opinion of activists, experts and the education community about the privatization of education through a critical lens,providing arguments to defend education as a public good, a human right and a State’s responsibility.

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