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COVID-19: Guides on the education and protection of children and adolescents

At this time of crisis, the National Campaign for the Right to Education (CNDE), a member of CLADE in Brazil, in alliance with the Cada Criança platform, has made available two guides aimed at families, schools, local social security agents and authorities so that they can guarantee the protection and education of children and adolescents.

Brazil: Students, teachers unions and civil society lead the struggle for the right to education

Even under the threat of use of Armed Forces, Brazilian students, teachers unions and civil society raise their voices against censorship and the precariousness of the right to education

Youth from Latin America and the Caribbean transforming education

In the occasion of the International Day of Youth, find out some actions CLADE’s national member forums are engaged with today, urging for the guaranttee of the right to education and participation of youths in their countries

SDG 4 Review of Chile and Guatemala at the UN

CLADE members in those countries participated in the review process, posing questions and presenting reports on the status of the right to education at national level

Brazil does not participate at the SDG 4 review in the UN

The State had announced that it would present a voluntary national report on the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations, but finally this did not happen

Organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean demand UN to include SDG 4 in the draft of the declaration of the High Level Political Forum

CLADE, together with other local networks, coalitions and national organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, sent a letter to UN authorities, expressing concern about the absence of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) in the draft of the political declaration

Brazil: Government tries to repeal mechanism that establishes minimum funding needed to ensure quality education

By calling an extraordinary and secret meeting of the National Education Council for the afternoon of last Tuesday, March 26, the Brazilian government tried to repeal the “CAQ” (Cost student quality) and the “CAQUi” (Initial cost student quality), mechanisms of the National Education Plan that translate into values ​​how much the country should invest per student per year, in each stage of public education, to insure a quality education

Consultoría para mapeo regional de legislaciones referentes a la regulación del lucro en la educación

Las personas interesadas en realizar consultoría para mapear legislaciones sobre el lucro en la educación deben enviar respectiva hoja de vida y una carta de presentación hasta el 15 de febrero de 2019

Secondary education

La educación secundaria ha tenido un relieve particularmente importante en los últimos años. Muchos Estados de la región reconocieron que la garantía de una ciudadanía plena y participativa involucra la realización de una trayectoria educativa que concluya la educación secundaria, lo que los empujó a elaborar y aprobar marcos legales, reconociéndola como obligatoria. Al mismo … Continued