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Secondary education

Secondary education has been of particular importance for the past years. Many States in the region recognized that guaranteeing full and participatory citizenship entails complete secondary education, pushing them to formulate and approve regulatory frameworks that recognize education as mandatory and free. However, according to data from the System of Information about Education Trends in Latin America (SITEAL, by its Spanish acronym), in 2013, 21% of young people aged 15-17 was out of school and only 63.4% of young people aged 21-23 had graduated in the intermediate level.

In the face of this reality, CLADE has a group of initiatives underway, such as regional seminars about secondary education, with the participation of education authorities, parliamentarians, researchers and students; virtual and face-to-face seminars with members of the students’ movement to discus challenges and progress in secondary education; consultations with secondary education communities as well as with adolescents and young people who dropped-out school in the region, with the purpose of listening to their demands and proposals to improve education at this level; elaboration of papers that include the demands and agendas of secondary education students or the submission of contributions and recommendations to the Ministries of Education, parliamentarians and other social players, for the promotion of a secondary education that guarantees rights; and advocacy for the participation of students’ representatives in key spaces of debate and in the follow-up of education policies and the Education 2030 Agenda at regional level, such as the Education 2030 Regional Steering Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Regional Meetings of Ministers of Education.

We constantly follow the demands and proposals from students and other members of the education community for the achievement of secondary education that guarantees rights in the region, and we provide visibility to these demands, perspectives and debates in this website.