Photo: Sam Verhaert

Strengthening democracies

CLADE has discussed and closely follows the situation of the region, defending the principle of social participation as a human right and publicly denouncing the criminalization of members of the education community, social movements and activists, and fighting for the consolidation of spaces for the participation of teachers, students and civil society in general, in decision-making processes and debates on education policies, at all levels.

Aiming to strengthen the participation of the education community, CLADE has set an advocacy agenda based on dialogue with constituencies, particularly, teachers, students of all age groups, parents. Dialogue is an ethical principle of the network and strengthening democracies is a political interest. In this sense, CLADE has conducted consultations with education communities on issues such as youth and adult education, secondary education, discrimination in early childhood education, free provision of education and human rights education, among others.

CLADE also participates in different spaces, processes and events, at regional and international level, making efforts to strengthen participatory democracy and to make civil society contribute effectively to decision-making processes of education policies, from a rights-based perspective.