Photo: Gilvan Barreto

Institutional memory and lessons learned by our members

Institutional strengthening of CLADE network resonates with the history of consolidation of its institutional system and also with collective action and learning.

Debates and knowledge production, partnerships with researchers, collective advocacy and exchange of experience have been usual practices throughout CLADE’s history. Thorough and participatory research, the consolidation of communication strategies, and the organization of seminars and meetings have been key tools for these collective actions and lessons learned, resulting in more efficient advocacy.

We have been systematizing the institutional memory of CLADE network and its collective lessons learned. In this regard, the path followed by coalitions defending the human right to education in Latin America and the Caribbean has been recorded to promote refection and collective construction based on lessons learned, to improve advocacy skills.

Thus, we promote the preparation of advocacy case studies, virtual and face-to-face meetings with national forums, regional networks and international organizations, which are CLADE members, field trips to countries, virtual seminars and training modules on strategic themes for the fulfillment of the political agenda of the Campaign.